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Lake Harding Hats

Lake Harding Shirt (yellow)

Lake Harding Shirt (Red)

Lake It Easy (blue)

Crossroads Team

Enjoy a nice espresso shot!

Lake Harding Shirt (green)

Just Peachy Peach Smoothie

Ann and Dickey


Fresh baked goods from Columbus Corner Bakery

Chocolate Caramel Frappe

Central Chill (Strawberry/Chocolate Frappe)

Full line of over the counter medicaitons

...more Simply Southern Shirts

We have LovePop Greeting Cards

Gator Chomp (peach/kiwi puree frappe)

Ann with picture of Ed and Jane (parents and mentors)

Full Service Pharmacy with a Drive Thru


...and we have SNOWCONES!!!!!!!!

Simply Southern shirts

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